How To Defy Ageing And Maintain A Clear, Young Looking Skin

I am a 45 year old successful business woman who loves her job, has a beautiful family to take care of and is happy and comfortable. If there is one thing that I have learnt over all these years, it is the fact that my looks have helped me be confident about myself and tackle the world.
Do not get me wrong. I do not have the seductive looks that will make men and fall under my feet. I am a little chubby, a little shorter than most women and have a wheatish complexion that, when left uncared for will get dry, dull and easily affected by infections.
I have always loved dressing up and looking crisp and clear. From my childhood days, I have believed that making an effort to look good tells people that you care about meeting and talking to them. It helps them trust that you will work better and harder. It has definitely given me more customers. Don’t you agree?
As I entered my 40’s, one change that I could not handle was how my skin was turning out to become. Though you would not notice anything under the thin foundation and concealer layer, every night when I remove my makeup, I was left with a skin tone that was covered with dark spots, beginning of wrinkles and hyper pigmentation, especially in the cheek area.
This was bad, me seeing signs of ageing this early in life. I was even afraid to imagine what my skin would look like in another 10 years. I am thankfully not a person to sit and mourn about changes. I immediately met my dermatologist and understood that most of us are tending to age early these days. With UV radiations, pollution and stress, the skin is constantly compromised.
She advised me to start on anti ageing products saying they work really great when started early. Her suggestion was EGA Cream from Curatio. I replaced it for my usual night cream and the last few years of using it has been amazing!
I usually order the product through one of the online ecommerce websites and is my favorite. They have a no fuss checkout process and the product is delivered for free, very fast.
Does the cream look/ feel any different from usual night creams?
No. It is light in texture and is easy to blend into the skin. I use it before bedtime everyday on cleansed and make up free. The whole night it works wonders to the skin and keeps it protected.
When will you start seeing differences?
It took me 5-6 months to start seeing visible changes.
What changes would you observe?
A total change in the skin tone. It will look brighter and softer to touch
Dark circles completely gone
The skin’s elasticity improved
Wrinkles look faded out and on the verge of disappearing
Dark spots gone
Darkness of skin visible reduced

Is it affordable?
A 30 gram tube of EGA costs INR 1080. It lasts quite long as you use only very little product at a time. Given we spend thousands on a night’s dinner, this is super affordable.
Would I recommend it?
Why do you think I am writing this down then? If you are over 40 years of age and you love you skin too much to let it get damaged, I would definitely ask you to give EGA a try!

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