10 Reasons We Need Safe (and Nutritious) Food In America

It is important that we as Americans have safe and nutritious food to eat. It is not always available to us, in schools, at the workplace, and restaurants, and everywhere else. However, it is what is required in order to stay safe, healthy, and germ free.

There are 10 reasons why it is so important.

1.Toxins and bacteria can be killed when food is cooked and maintained at safe temperatures. This is why it is critical that restaurants and food handlers are taught food safety.

2.Various intestinal diseases can be transmitted as a result of microorganisms and toxins inside of the food that is eaten. Shighella and salmonella are just a few of them  and symptoms can range from diarrhea and vomiting two things that are significantly more severe.

3.Immune systems can be strengthened as a result of reducing the number of toxins and microorganisms that are found inside of the food.

4.Many farms and orchards use pesticides and other toxins as a way of ensuring that their fruits and vegetables bloom  and ensure that they are able to get a large crop. These toxins are dangerous, and found in so many different foods.

5.Nutritious food is packed with more vitamins and nutrients, which can reduce the need for supplements as well as to provide full nourishment to the body. Additional nutrients can also help to fight a variety of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

6.Clean eating has become more and more of a focus because it involves getting rid of processed foods from the diet. In today’s society, so many foods are processed in America, which are filled with additives and a variety of chemicals that can damage the body over time.

7.Safer and more nutritious food is generally better tasting as well. Many organically grown foods are grown in well-balanced soil and are high in nourishment, providing a better taste and offer more benefits to those who are eating them.

8.Many companies are creating genetically engineered food, and it is contaminating the food supply in alarming rates. In America, GMO foods do not have to be labeled as such, and this is causing a variety of health scares.

9.Hormones, drugs, and antibiotics are often placed in animal products, including chicken and beef area these toxins can cause health problems over time.

10.Eating food without the pollutants and toxins can also help to preserve ecosystems for future generations. This will help to preserve soil, improve crop rotation, and ensure that the entire food chain is not affected.

It is up to every American to go organic and be responsible with the food that they eat so that it is germ free, nutritious, and kept it safe temperatures. This will help overall health and prevent various diseases from being transmitted from person to person through food and through poor food handling practices.

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