The Revolution Of Fitness: Honking By Passioncycles

The most innovative fitness movement that torches calories, provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout, and creates a lean, toned body? It’s time to get honking! Honking takes place on the newly developed Incumbent Cycle a stationary bicycle used solely in the incumbent position(which protects joints and back from jolts and strain), while providing maximum muscle engagement, intense aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and extreme calorie burn the most effective workout possible in the shortest amount of time.

Passion Cycles is the company which distributes Honking” Incumbent cycles and administers the Honking classes and certification.

The Revolution of Fitness: Honking by PassionCycles

Honking classes at Passion For Fitness provide individuals with an innovative and effective way to exercise. The technology developed by Joe Ransom is revolutionary in its ability to offer an exercise modality that is intense while being low-impact. The joints are put under a great deal of stress on a daily basis, and exercise should provide an outlet to relieve that stress, not enhance it. Prolonged sitting and activities of daily living tend to strain the lower back, and supporting muscles also become weak. The incumbent cycle used in Honking classes places the individual in an upright position where the pelvis is neutral. This stance is natural and helps correct issues which may arise from prolonged sitting, and those with low back and hip pain find Honking classes to be the best form of exercise for them.

The neutral stance on the Honking bike is highly beneficial.

Healthy individuals of all ages benefit from and enjoy Honking because the neutral stance provides injury prevention, strengthens the entire body, and improves the cardiorespiratory system. It can be difficult to achieve an optimal cardiovascular workout without a great deal of impact and stress on the body, but Honking classes are changing this fact! It is possible on the incumbent bike to work at a vigorous exercise intensity, engaging the large musculature of the lower legs and the pelvis girdle. The core, shoulder girdle and back musculature are actively engaged maintain the upright position on the bike throughout the workout, improving upper-body muscle tone. Few exercises allow the muscle engagement that the Honking classes do, and the result is a full body strength and endurance workout. The incumbent cycle also affords the possibility of performing push-ups and changing hand positions to further engage the upper-body during the workout.

Interval training is the primary form of exercise utilized during Honking classes.

This type of training has been proven to increase caloric expenditure during and after the workout. During the workout, high-intensity intervals elevate the heart rate to levels which can provide and overload stimulus so that cardiovascular adaptations occur, and endurance improves over time. 500-700 calories are burned during each session, and the benefits continue long after Honking class ends. Interval training requires a combination of the aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) systems. After a Honking workout session, the body continues to expend energy in post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). The majority of calories burned each day are burned at rest (Resting Metabolic Rate), so any improvements to this type of energy expenditure are great for weight loss! Additionally, the resistance training aspect of Honking classes, such as Honking push-ups, dips, TRX rows and more improve body composition. By replacing fat with muscle, Resting Metabolic Rate is further improved through Honking.

When compared to other exercise modalities, Honking is second to none.

-The upright position on the Honking bike differentiates it from spinning, where participants sit throughout most of the class. The seated pedaling position can potentially result in lower back pain, and the standing position is not as natural on the spin bike as it is on the Honking bike. While it is possible for cyclists and spinners to avoid lower back pain, the hunched position on a seated bike, along with bike fit issues and inadequate full-body strength make back pain all too common.

-Unlike the elliptical, the Honking bike does not take the participant outside of the natural range of motion. The participant must also hold themselves upright on the Honking bike, engaging more muscles and creating more of a full-body workout than one would get on the elliptical machine.

-In comparison to running, the advantages of Honking are clearmuch less impact on the body. The Honking bike is an anti-gravity device. Elite runners have the ability to train on anti-gravity treadmills where they can get the same full-body workout from running without the impact. Anti-gravity treadmills are highly expensive and reserved for those elite runners, however.

-The Honking bike is a tool that can be used in gyms everywhere to provide a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise without impact like never before.
Most importantly, Honking is an enjoyable form of exercise

The atmosphere during Honking classes is positive and encouraging. Participants know that they are engaging their entire body in a safe and effective form of exercise. They feel good during the workout, and the benefits will continue long after each Honking class ends.

Honking can make all activities of daily living easier by reducing pain, preventing injury, and leaving participants feeling stronger and more energetic to take on the day. Once you start, you won’t look back! Get Honking

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