Heal Your Heel Pain

I am writing this for a purpose. To tell you about a seemingly harmless little pain that many of us unknowingly suffer from and take for granted. This particular condition is known as Plantar Fasciitis & quite frankly, I didn’t realize how serious it was till it diagnosed, treated & cured. Not all serious ailments have to end up being fatal, some could just vow to be a mildly painful hurdle in your way for the rest of your life. Personally, I think these are far worse than the former.
I spend many hours a day walking from home to the subway, out of the subway, to work, at the supermarket, picking up the kids from school & obviously live the regular hectic lifestyle like many of you out there. One is bound to have a few aches & pains every now and then, none that a nice, relaxing weekend can’t cure. The day it didn’t was when I started to get worried.
At first I thought my shoes were the problem. Fancy heel designs these days are no match for the endless exertion our feet have to endure, so I blamed the Manolo Blahniks of the world for my condition. After weeks of having worn better shoes though, I did not see it going away.
It’s only at times like these that you realize you’ve been taking your feet for granted & that you need a little more than a few hours of pampering at foot spas.
The condition in question, as I later learnt, is known as Plantar fasciitis, a repetitive strain injury to the plantar surface of the foot. It occurs in people who are on their feet a lot such as athletes and construction workers. Yikes!
After many months of procrastination (because I thought I’d have to throw all my pretty shoes away) and basically lack of direction, I chanced upon the idea of seeking out a physiotherapist. Post following some reviews and looking up Best Physiotherapy in Oakville, I decided to pay a visit to Triangle Physiotherapy for my condition.
First off, one of the most convenient clinics I have ever visited for absolutely anything. Their online Appointment Booking system of course, makes like so much easier than calling and holding & waiting to get through to a receptionist, who may just mix your booking up with someone else’s (I have had a lot of that!).
Secondly & most importantly, great service! Right from pleasant staff, to helpful, knowledgeable & really encouraging therapists, who make it point to not scare you off about your problem like most others.
What I also thought was great was that I had my problem solved in fewer sittings than I had thought or read that I would need to have. (This is of course subjective to a lot of factors like age, weight etc). Interestingly, I know feel like post therapy, I have been more agile than I was even before I had this problem.
So, my 3 pointers for you:
1.Do not ignore physical pain if it has been with you for a few weeks. In fact don’t ignore it at all
2.Physio is great! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
3.If you’re looking for a good physio, visit Triangle Physiotherapy. I later discovered that they also have clinics across various areas in the GTA. So there’s a good chance there’s one close to you (They all seem to be really well reviewed, and for a goo reason I say!)

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