Which One To Choose – Competition Kettlebell Or Cast-iron Kettlebell

I beg your pardon, nonetheless, are you one of those whose think Kettlebells are either cattle bell or kettle ball? The point is, if you don’t know kettlebell, it won’t be strange if you fail to make a comparison between competition kettlebell or iron-cast kettlebell. No wonder if you say, what difference it could to make, if I am using a cast-iron kettlebell or competition kettlebell; at the end, I will be working out with same the weight, isn’t? Let me break the pull out a few differences for you and hope you will know which is the right kettlebell for you.

Physical Attributes

Cast-Iron kettlebell
Cast-Iron kettlebell, as clear from the name is made of cast-iron. The diameter of cast-iron bell i.e. size varies with weight; the heavier, the bigger. There is a consistency in both the handle and the weight in terms of material and design. Cast-Iron kettlebells have larger doomed shape handle, allow the player with grip flexibility (both hands can be used) as he can hold the kettlebell by the horns. These kettlebells have a flat base and sides, however, expecting variations from manufacturer to manufacturer is not a big deal.

Competition Kettlebell
Made of a single piece of steel, these kettlebells are totally different from cast-iron kettlebells. The size of a cavity in the middle of these kettlebell decides the weight. No matter what the size or weight is, the shape and diameter remain the same i.e. a 4 K.G Competition Kettlebell will look exactly similar to a 40 K.G one. With a square and small handle, these sort of kettlebell is meant for Girevoy athletes and for long time kettlebell enthusiasts.

Training Type and Kettlebell

The simple phenomena we use here is, different training modules and different handle diameters, sizes, shapes, and base flatness. Are you going to perform dynamic and agility oriented workouts with a lot of groundwork and rolls, go for a cast-iron kettlebell. On the other hand, if you are up for heavy strength training, competition kettlebell is your pick. If you are a newcomer and working with your grip strength, go for a cast-iron kettlebell with a larger diameter handle. Let you be a tall person someone like me, say 6’1, competition kettlebell is something you must go with. Unlike cast-iron kettlebell, competition kettlebells are long enough and no matter what weight you are using, they fit accordingly.

Checks before buying

Before buying a kettlebell, miss not to check a few things. Cautiously check the handle. Skip buying a kettlebell with either an oversized handle or conversely a smaller size. Let your eyes work-out the consistency of curves and angles. Should it be one with sharp angles or too rounded, it is definitely going to cause you wrist troubles. And, most importantly, dare not to buy a kettlebell with flat rubber sole. Do buy from a store where masters are selling and you can be sure of best buy.

Be advised, I am not pointing out at any kettlebell; in fact, no kettlebell is wrong. It is just a matter of your requirements and expected results. If still confused, go check both the kettlebells, miss not to look for the things I mentioned above and I hope you will be able to find the best pick. Happy swinging.

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